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Lose Those Last 5 Pounds

1. EAT Bites with Fat-Burning Benefits (like hot and spicy or cinnamon foods)   2. DO a Daily100 ANY time ANY where… it’s just 100 seconds or 100 reps of 1 exercise (100 reps of butt squeezes, dancer’s leg lifts, seated side crunches, stiletto jump rope, saddle bag tamers) 3. CHEW- Love to Bake? Chew [...]




A Pill That Really Helps With Weight loss… that’s actually GOOD for you?

Confession: I don’t always take my daily multivitamin even though I tell my doctor I do. Actually, rephrase that- I didn’t always take my daily multivitamin. I have a full Women’s Multi sitting in my medicine cabinet right next to the Chinese herbs that I take for stress and clear skin, but for some reason [...]



Is Your Air Conditioner Making You Fat?

Your body interprets a change in climate as a stressor that it must respond to. This sets in a hormonal shift, and you’ve probably already heard of the relationship between hormones and your weight—there is a strong one.