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Office Supplies for Fashion Faux Pas

No matter how elegant, put together, polished and perfect any chick looks, she’s had her awkward wardrobe malfunctions. She’s done the embarrassing and quick change of clothes in the front of her car hoping nobody drives by. She’s worn tattered granny panties under a $1,000 dress because it’s all she had left. My point is, don’t be ashamed to do some strange things sometimes, in order to look flawless (or at least close)



The Best Bras for the Trickiest Tops

Too many times have I sat there, ten minutes before a date, realizing I really need some of that skin-colored sticky nipple tape if I ever want my date to actually look me in the eyes. So, for future reference, here are the best types of bras to wear with the trickiest tops.



Simplify Your Office Wardrobe

You probably have to wake up much earlier than you’d like for work. You don’t want to spend any unnecessary time putting an outfit together. Not to mention you’re bitter over the fact that you had to spend money on “appropriate” work attire, in the first place. Let’s lessen your wardrobe woes.