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A Pill That Really Helps With Weight loss… that’s actually GOOD for you?

Confession: I don’t always take my daily multivitamin even though I tell my doctor I do. Actually, rephrase that- I didn’t always take my daily multivitamin. I have a full Women’s Multi sitting in my medicine cabinet right next to the Chinese herbs that I take for stress and clear skin, but for some reason [...]



5 Foods Every Chick Should Eat

Ladies, it’s time to take responsibility of the health of your body by eating more, not less… of THESE foods. It’s all about taking a preventative approach. In fact, in Asia, a doctor feels that she has failed if her patient gets sick. Why? Because the doctor’s job is to keep you well, not scramble [...]



A Makeover With Food

You’ve certainly heard of foods that help beautify you before. But oftentimes, they can be foods that are hard to incorporate into your daily diet, like some tropical fruit your store only carries once a year, or even a multi-vegetable powder that you constantly forget to mix in with your morning smoothie. But here are some simple, beautifying foods you can find year-round, at just about any grocery store, or even the slightly sophisticated gas station market.




Recover from Workout Injury

I know that when I’m injured and exercising less, I try to be extra conscious of what I put in my body. But while you are watching calories, you should also watch where those calories are coming from. Certain foods can actually aid in the healing process, getting you back in your running shoes/swimsuit/yoga pants [...]