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Have Yourself A Vegan Valentine’s Day

By Sharon Wilkinson For those of you who equate vegan food with carrot sticks and broccoli buds, think again. Vegan foods can stir the senses, create a state of calm, recharge the imagination, and help the planet while offering up healthy, delicious, and satisfying world cuisine that celebrates our love of eating.  As with most [...]



I’m Going Shopping... for a Man! R U Coming?


Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be so depressing as a single girl. Especially not this year. Because this year you have something to look forward to! There’s a new dating website called Checkhimout.com that allows women to take control when it comes to finding her guy. No more wading through creepster emails or waiting for your [...]



7 Tricks to Look Your Best on Valentine's Day (clothed or, um, not)

Oh… don’t we all just love Valentine’s Day? Yes, once a year- coupled or not, we all get to commemorate (or commiserate- for those not entangled in another) this “day of romance” dedicated to those in love and the celebration of their coupledom. We buy dozens of red roses, dress up in our favorite going-out [...]



8 Tips to Surviving Valentine’s Day if you’re SINGLE

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is essentially a Hallmark holiday created for A) love sick couples who need yet another excuse to publicly profess their undying love and devotion B) saps (me being one of them) C) needy and greedy women who live for chocolates encased in heart-shaped boxes and, lest we forget, the infamous robin’s egg-blue box in which a diamond encrusted necklace nestles D) okay, me- yes, ever since my mom made me write valentines to all 35 classmates in grade school I have been devoted to the day of love- single or happily (or even unhappily) coupled.