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Have Yourself A Vegan Valentine’s Day

By Sharon Wilkinson For those of you who equate vegan food with carrot sticks and broccoli buds, think again. Vegan foods can stir the senses, create a state of calm, recharge the imagination, and help the planet while offering up healthy, delicious, and satisfying world cuisine that celebrates our love of eating.  As with most [...]



I’m Going Shopping... for a Man! R U Coming?


Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be so depressing as a single girl. Especially not this year. Because this year you have something to look forward to! There’s a new dating website called Checkhimout.com that allows women to take control when it comes to finding her guy. No more wading through creepster emails or waiting for your [...]




What Women (surprisingly) Really Want & Don’t Want on Valentine’s Day

Forget the flower shop, and you can even skip the candy store. This Valentine’s Day, stop at the electronics store if you really want to make your girl swoon. No, this is not a joke. Guys love their power tools, and women love them too! But instead of the biggest, fastest, and showiest, we want [...]



10 Tips to Survive Valentine’s Day… if you’re single.

Your love life has seen better days… and it’s Valentine’s Day.  Forget about stressing, being depressed, or doing away with the day all together. Maybe I’m a hopeless (or pathetic) romantic, but even if I don’t have a guy to celebrate with, I’m celebrating dammit! Here’s what to do: 1.    Do a Quickie Workout in [...]