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Talk Show Maven RICKI LAKE talks about Ibiza, Break-Ups and New Love

Ricki Lake, with her dancing debut September 19 on “Dancing With the Stars”, talks about her fave DailyQuickie: how she incorporate a travel state of mind even when at home and her Bummer with Benefits (silver linings resulting from a not-so stellar experience) from bad break ups… finding new love with her new fiance.



Beauty from Around the World for Under $25

While I have posted on finding quality beauty buys at your local drug store—let’s face it: we all like a pretty package once in a while, and something a bit more exotic. I’ve rounded up 5 of the best beauty products from around the world, for under $25. So spray, spread, and spritz your way to a momentary getaway.



7 Things to Always Have In Your Car

I’ve had to learn to bring a little bit of my life in my car. I don’t want to miss out on anything just because I’m constantly running around. Here are the ten things I HAVE to keep in my car, that allow me to swiftly move from work, to exercise to socializing.