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Fat-Burning Spicy Spicy Sauces, Snacks, and Sweets: Quickie in the Kitchen

I love spicy spicy foods. Not only do I love the burn on my tongue, but it helps up the metabolism, burn more calories and fat, and gives an overall kick. These are a few of my fave salty, savory, and sweet sauces, snacks, and desserts. Hot, spicy, and sweet- the perfect combo. Enjoy the burn ;)



Foods That Drive People Insane (seriously hysterical)

Some of your favorite, calorie-exploding, sugar-dense, heart-attack-waiting to happen foods can make you feel horrible. Guilt. Remorse. Self-disgust. These are all feelings that can occur when you give in and amble over to the cupcake store down the street to buy a 4-pack, for yourself…the point is, there are enough bad emotions that come with junk foods. But did you know that there are foods that can actually drive you insane? Regardless of your own feelings or mentality about that pastry, it could have powers of its own to drive you up the wall. Here are some foods that might land you on the treadmill…in the psych ward!



Life Changing Dessert… No-Yo Fake-Out Frozen Yogurt

I LOVE frozen yogurt. The mouth-filling creamy, sweet, decadent flavor is definitely crave-worthy. But it’s also high in sugar, calories, and somehow turns my stomach into knots. Until now. I have discovered a no-sugar added, unprocessed, all-natural, raw, vegan, fat free, creamy “soft serve”… that you make at home and you don’t need an ice cream mixer or even more than 3 minutes to make it. It’s bananas.



Are you REALLY Consuming 93 lbs of Sugar a Year?

Is your sugar high keeping your weight high? I know you need your morning boost, your afternoon pick me up, your after dinner treat…but these seemingly insignificant routines could be racking up a significant amount of sugar in your diet. The American Heart Association recommends no more than 6 teaspoons a day of sugar for women—that’s 6 packets. How many little paper packets are people actually tearing open daily? Some as many as 28 a day! That adds up to 93 POUNDS of the sweet stuff EVERY YEAR! And how does that translate to your body? You are consuming an annual 40,800 calories, which means 11.5 lbs of body weight in sugar every year. So how are you putting on the few extra pounds? Probably with some of these very popular items…