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Dessert Alternatives: Quickie in the Kitchen

I Love, I mean LOVE sweets! They are my ruin. I can overdo it in a second, without even thinking about it, without, honestly, even realizing just how much I’m eating. Which is why I have had to come up with a few alternatives that still satisfy without derailing my diet, making me upset at myself the next am (if not immediately after). I hope it helps you too.



Cravings Alternatives... to stop the sweet/salty tooth: Quickie in the Kitchen

Craving something salty, sweet, or just SOMEthing, ANYthing at all? STEP AWAY FROM THE REFRIGERATOR/FREEZER/PANTRY. Cravings are a great way to lead to gorging on junk that you don’t actually need. But if you simply can’t convince yourself otherwise, try one of these healthier options that WILL curb those crazy cravings.