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8 Late Night Snacks To Avoid

You’re warned not to eat late at night because you don’t really burn calories while you’re sleeping. The truth is though, if you’re eating late at night, you may have trouble getting any sleep at all! The reason being that many of our favorite late night snacks tend to be foods we wouldn’t chow down on in the light of day in front of others…Or food that you simply force yourself not to eat all day but come night time, your will power is exhausted. And these foods happen to be loaded with ingredients that could be taking away your precious beauty sleep and adding pounds.



Morning Sickness

The exact cause of morning sickness has not been pinned down, and every woman experience it differently. For some, it can be a certain odor that triggers that gag reflex. For others, the moment they open their eyes in the morning they are reaching for the bucket. Regardless of the cause, there are foods that can quickly alleviate symptoms of morning sickness and let you get on with the rest of your day!