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Guinness... the Lighter Beer?

Guinness is one of my favorite beers for many reasons. It’s rich, big, fills me up, feels indulgent, and is lower in calories! Yup, with only about 4 percent alcohol (alcohol is what racks up the calories) and filled with lots of little nitrogen bubbles, this beer is texturally decadent, but caloricly lighter. St. Patrick’s [...]



Beer With Benefits... 4 Reasons to Drink Guinness

St. Patrick’s Day is often equated with two things: wearing green and drinking Guinness. Ok… so it can also be equated with next am hangovers. Not this year! While your friends may be barely able to lift their throbbing heads, swearing off alcohol for good (this time), and shunning the site of the piles of empty beer bottles, you might be out for a brisk morning jog… that is, IF your beer of choice was Guinness.