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7 Tricks to Look Your Best on Valentine's Day (clothed or, um, not)

Oh… don’t we all just love Valentine’s Day? Yes, once a year- coupled or not, we all get to commemorate (or commiserate- for those not entangled in another) this “day of romance” dedicated to those in love and the celebration of their coupledom. We buy dozens of red roses, dress up in our favorite going-out [...]



7 Easy Ways to Not Gain Weight this Holiday

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© Scott Karcich. Dreamstime.com

© Scott Karcich. Dreamstime.com

Fact: The average person eats almost 5,000 calories on Thanksgiving. That includes the 3000 calorie turkey feast, plus other meals and noshes throughout the day. That’s over 2 days worth of calories. Fact: Eating an excess of 3500 calories (that means 3500 calories more than what your body can burn) equals 1 pound of fat. [...]



Girls Night Out/Date Night = 1000 Extra Calories?!

Just because you are going out with the girls or fine dining with your significant on a Friday night doesn’t mean you should completely sabotage the healthy diet that you have been working on all week. But here’s the thing, it’s not necessarily that calorie-laden Steak Frittes or fat-fueled Lava Cake that is where you [...]