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Get Fit with the 1-Song Run

Numbers stress me out. Similar to my aversion to tracking my size by the scale (I prefer a tester skirt), I track the minutes that I run by songs. You see, I have never been a runner. In fact I have always hated, yes, hated running. I felt like I couldn’t breathe as every second seemed to take a minute. It was painful. But oddly, not so much physically painful as it was emotionally painful.



American Idol's Tim Urban on Writing Love Songs, Riding Bikes, Avoiding LA Traffic


Balancing a hectic music career and trying to have a normal life can be tough. Especially if you are a new transplant to Los Angeles and you were one of the most popular singer/songwriters on American Idol. Here’s how Tim Urban manages to write music, fit in fitness, and find a moment of peace in the midst of traffic. Tim Urban’s DailyQuickies: