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Skinny Detox Guacamole... Yes.


Spring happens to be the time when lots of moods are flitting around- old stuck ones are being detoxed from our insides, as fresh excitable ones are reinvigorating our energy! -You’re over your old flame and ready to date (FINALLY! Thanks to your new obsession with online dating) -You’ve detoxed emotional pain from your mind [...]




Hypnotize Yourself Thin

Sororities have chants, religious institutions have hymns, and psychologists coach personal mantras. These all believe in the power of your mind to alter your perspective. With chants, literature, discussion groups, you can change the way you view just about anything. The power of the mind has helped people quit smoking, recover from the trauma of [...]




5 Habits to Break Before It's Too Late

Bad habits can be hard to break. Particularly if you like them. Problem is, they are hindering your weight loss success. When attempting to squeeze your spreading backside into your favorite skinny jeans that you haven’t attempted to slip on since last year, think back and decide if that unnecessary afternoon candy bar habit was [...]