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Was March PARTICULARLY Moody for You?

Moody March is Over! Let’s Celebrate! Spring happens to be the time when lots of moods are flitting around- old stuck ones are being detoxed from our insides, as fresh excitable ones are reinvigorating our energy! -You’re over your old flame and ready to date (FINALLY! Thanks to your new obsession with online dating) -You’ve [...]



What to Eat for: Good Date, Bad Date, Heart Break


When it comes to the heart, food plays a major role. LOVE:  Food can be very sexy. Hot melted chocolate that fills your mouth decadent warmth then slowly drips down the back of your throat… Sweet whipped cream licked off your fingertips… HEARTBREAK:  Food can be very comforting. After a bad date or a heart-ripping [...]



Salty S'mores... SO GOOD!

I LOVE dessert… especially chocolatey, melty, creamy dessert that’s bursting with flavor and coats my mouth with deliciousness. To be honest, I came up with this dessert out of desperation. Turns out, it’s one of the most amazing, simplest, most satisfying low-fat, low-cal concoctions yet! How do I make it? ….