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What Your Sleep Position Says About You

The concept of body language extends passed your waking hours. Think about it—we are already mostly unconscious of the way we walk, sit, stand and just move when we are awake, yet all of these activities tell so much about us. When you’re unconscious of the way you do…anything…the real you can be revealed. Where are you the least conscious? In your bed, and I mean when you are alone…



Do This For Better Sleep

It’s too easy to get into that viscous cycle of energy drinks and coffee during the day and sleeping pills at night. But these temporary fixes can cause long term damage, making it so that your body doesn’t know how to wake up or go to sleep on its own. Scary thought, right? But, giving up those trusty sleeping pills can be scary, too. Here are some natural sleep remedies to help wean you off of that oh so innocent looking little half moon on your sleeping pill bottle