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8 Tips to Surviving Valentine’s Day if you’re SINGLE

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is essentially a Hallmark holiday created for A) love sick couples who need yet another excuse to publicly profess their undying love and devotion B) saps (me being one of them) C) needy and greedy women who live for chocolates encased in heart-shaped boxes and, lest we forget, the infamous robin’s egg-blue box in which a diamond encrusted necklace nestles D) okay, me- yes, ever since my mom made me write valentines to all 35 classmates in grade school I have been devoted to the day of love- single or happily (or even unhappily) coupled.



10 Tips to Survive Valentine’s Day… if you’re single.

Your love life has seen better days… and it’s Valentine’s Day.  Forget about stressing, being depressed, or doing away with the day all together. Maybe I’m a hopeless (or pathetic) romantic, but even if I don’t have a guy to celebrate with, I’m celebrating dammit! Here’s what to do: 1.    Do a Quickie Workout in [...]



3 Things Men Say That Piss Women Off, But Shouldn't

Affection, sex, comfort,: these don’t sound like such terrible things to be addicted to, do they? Well, let’s look at the word “addiction.” It generally means you are dependant on something to the point of being dysfunctional without it. It means that all of the amazing feelings you receive from having that thing you are addicted to, go hand in hand with a constant fear—the fear of what life would be like without it.



Why It's Good To Compare Your Date To Your Ex

I know you’re told to leave the past in the past and not to hold the wrongs of your exes against your current partner. And I absolutely agree with that. Don’t hold the wrongs of your exes against your current partner. But do hold your current partner at least up to the standards your last one met.