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Stiletto Quickie: Be Happy, Healthy & Positive in 1 Minute

Yes, this Daily100 will burn calories, but Beyond the burn, sometimes it’s all about attitude if you want to snap out of a funk. Imagine that you are literally punching out negativity and pulling in positivity, filling your head with happy words (healthy, balance, passion, family, love, success, kindness, understanding, generosity… whatever you want more of), then punch out the negative words that are cluttering your head and your life (anger, resentment, hurt, insecurity, distrust, bills, peer pressure, deadlines, overweight, sadness… whatever you want to get rid of).




Shhh.... No One Will Know: Stiletto Quickie Workout


It’s time to workout… without anyone even knowing. Here are my 4 favorite at-work, in the car, at the movies, even on a date (if you’re really that bored) Stiletto Quickies that tone pretty much every muscle in your body- Abs, Butt, Thighs, Chest, Shoulders and Arms. As much as this might sound crazy, these [...]




Stiletto Quickie: Bounce and Circle... Your Daily 100

If you want to tone your arms, you’ve got to work them. That doesn’t mean you need weights or even have to get down on your knees and do push-ups (which I prefer to avoid at any cost). This seemingly easy, slow burning, seriously toning daily 100 will shape your shoulders, giving you that sexy definition you’ve been looking for without the bodybuilder bulk. It’s a Kundalini Yoga move that, yes, burns, but is so amazing!