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Loto Risotto from Farm to Plate (plus a recipe to make it!)

Sure there’s cheese and hiking, but Switzerland is also known for amazing wine and… risotto! Ticino, Switzerland, the Southern-most Swiss town that’s a stones throw from Italy, grows the delicious short grain rice called Loto risotto. Watch QuickieChick Laurel House in the rice field interviewing grower Margarit about her favorite simple risotto recipe.





Weird Foods that Runners Love!

Since childhood we have been bombarded with images of the healthy body—one that exercises and eats “right.” But perhaps those classroom diagrams of the jogger holding a carrot weren’t quite accurate. Eating “right” means different things for different people, and for runners it can just simply mean eating weird. Here’s what I mean:



Quickie in the Kitchen: Egg Butter on Rice Bread

This egg butter is insanely easy to make (basically just room temp butter, chopped hard-boiled egg, salt, white pepper), and it adds so much flavor while making the butter much lower in fat. It’s a tasty topping for pretty much anything. Ooh, you have got to try it on grilled asparagus too! So tasty…