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5 Ways to Not Get Fat on Fast Food (plus some of the WORST menu items)

Frightening Fact: one wrong entrée at your fave fast food joint can be equal to an entire day’s worth of fat, calories and carbs. Yes, that is true.

The sad thing is that you often think you’re making healthy choices- like salad, fish, and just an appetizer, when really you’re ordering some of the worst offenders on the menu. A few examples?



If You're A Picky Eater, Do You Have An Eating Disorder?

Turns out your fussy food preferences might not just be annoying, it’s now being considered as the newest member of a type of eating disorder. Yup, the members of the American Psychological Association have coined a name for the condition- “selective eaters” and are considering classifying it in the category of eating disorders.



7 Restaurant Realities That Will Shock You

You’re a good customer. You don’t complain much. You give a generous tip. You wipe the salsa off the menu that you spilled all over before handing it back to your server. You’d think you deserve the same courtesy in return, right? Well, a business is a business. And there are a few restaurant realities you need to know…