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What Your Sleep Position Says About You

The concept of body language extends passed your waking hours. Think about it—we are already mostly unconscious of the way we walk, sit, stand and just move when we are awake, yet all of these activities tell so much about us. When you’re unconscious of the way you do…anything…the real you can be revealed. Where are you the least conscious? In your bed, and I mean when you are alone…



How To Quit Smoking

They help you keep your weight down, make you more comfortable in social situations, and relax you in stressful ones. Yup, cigarettes seem too good to be true. And, as you know, they absolutely are. But because of all the positive side effects people experience from smoking, it’s hard to give up this fatal habit. Here are some natural ways to cut your craving for a cigarette when trying to quit smoking.



Yoga Body

Yoga is a wonderful de-stresser, it can improve your immune system and the functions of your organs, and there is a reason guys get so revved up when a woman says she does yoga. To reap the most benefits from your practice, and to ensure your body will be fit to roll out that mat for years to come, there are a few things to consider when planning your meals.