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Screw Tall, Dark, and Handsome… Why Looks Don’t Matter When It Comes to True Love

Before anyone gets fussy about the title, I’m not putting any look. down. “Tall, Dark and Handsome” is a generic type… ALSO, I will be doing some major generalizing about “hot” men. Not all hot men are as I explain them to be, just like all blondes are not dumb. What’s your type? Does the [...]



Dating Coach Q&A on BetterTV... What NEVER to Reveal on a 1st Date

We ALL have baggage. THAT’S what makes us interesting! Embrace it. Don’t boast about it or let it bring you down. Learn from the lessons so you can be better and more evolved next time. And… talk about that baggage on a 1st date. That’s right. Fly your red flags! I explain here… on BetterTV: [...]