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10 Love Lessons from The Bachelorette: The Final Rose


It’s strange how a reality TV show can help you to get real about your life, reflecting on your own mistakes, even instigating change. For me, this final episode of The Bachelorette had a surprisingly profound impact. It was especially surprising to me because this wasn’t one of my favorite seasons. Still, I really felt [...]




Dating Advice: Get Raw on the 1st Date to find "First Love" Again...


You deserve deep guttural love. But you’re not going to find it if you continue to put up that ridiculous front that you created. The only way to really experience love- deep, guttural, first love love… is to get raw, be totally and completely real, be vulnerable, and expose yourself. Afterall, you’re not looking for [...]



MEET YOUR QuickieChicks: Trying to Get Work Done with Julia...

Laurel is inherently serious when it comes to work… Julia isn’t quite there yet. We travel the world together. Here are some of our adventures. And believe me (this is Laurel speaking) with Julia around there is ALWAYS an adventure. I hope you enjoy these as much as she does (and I secretly do too)…