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5 Essentials to Make the "Walk of Shame" less shameful...


It’s time to stop torturing ourselves. The deed is done. And you know what? It was damn fun! So what’s the deal with the dramatic mood shift from utter bliss to head-down shame with, um, oh shit… what was his name? Alright, so the walk of shame isn’t always coming from the clutches of someone [...]



Budget meets Luxe = the perfect date (or girls' night) outfit!

Last night it was chilly but not frigid in LA and somehow the lack of drizzle and needlessness for a coat inspired me! Despite that fact that I have been a touch of a hermit lately due to feeling totally behind with work (I think thanks to the fact that my book just hit Amazon [...]




10 Things You Must Keep in Your Purse (and probably don't)

Life is full of little unexpected annoyances. Little things that in the blink of an eye or the turn of a head actually end up ruining your whole day, or your date, or your business meeting. If only you had made a note of every little fiasco that had happened in your life so you could plan to avoid it. It’s ok. I did. Just kidding. But I think I got most of them covered with these items you’re going to FOREVER keep in your purse now, right?…



What's in Your Purse?

I’m a snacker (which is not good for the waist line) and like to put things in my mouth (which is why I used to smoke- briefly… which is SO totally unhealthy). As I was packing up my purse to go out, I realized just how many snack-deterring items I stuff it with- always at [...]