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Dating Coach Confession: I Have Been Proposed to 9 Times (and I made many mistakes)

I have been proposed to 9 times (one of them quite seriously on the first date and several others within a few weeks). But I wasn’t in love with most of them. I have also been married twice and engaged a 3rd time. I didn’t manipulate, lie to, use, or lead on any of them. [...]





Relationship Tips for Smart Chicks: Break Ups, First Dates, and Wedding Bells.

Big date, beach day, “awesome” reunion where your ex-BF will be?… You make it a point to cut your calories in hopes of shaving off a few pounds from your hips. Heart-wrenching breakup? Those cartons of ice cream suddenly become your best friend- screw the thighs! Hot and heavy dating can lead to sexy and [...]



Should You Ultimatum Your Man?

“You have 1 year from today to propose.” “My little sister’s wedding is in 4 months. If you don’t propose before then, I’m leaving.” “If you don’t knock me up within 9 months, it’s over.” Give a guy an ultimatum and his instinct may be to run for the hills before you can! Men are [...]