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5 Foods Every Chick Should Eat

Ladies, it’s time to take responsibility of the health of your body by eating more, not less… of THESE foods. It’s all about taking a preventative approach. In fact, in Asia, a doctor feels that she has failed if her patient gets sick. Why? Because the doctor’s job is to keep you well, not scramble [...]



Giuliana Rancic talks about Life Quickies- reality checks, & coping w/ sadness

Behind the Scenes at the interview w/ E!’s and FabFitFun.com Giuliana Rancic who sat down with me to talk about her Daily LifeQuickies- reality checks, and coping with sadness, Quickies and how she was able to find strength out of her struggle conceiving. What a kind, genuine, and amazing person!



How Celeb Moms Shed Baby Fat

Celebrities may seem superhero-ish in terms of their seeming bodily perfection. But, just like every other body, when they’re pregnant, they naturally get bloated, experience hormone-craziness, and gain weight… which they ultimately then need to burn off. Here’s the big difference though, when you’re not feeling your best, you aren’t being photographed by paparazzi or braving the red carpet frenzy.

So how do those high profile ladies lose the weight postpartum?



Get Your Body Back After BABY: Quickie Workout in Bed

Your gorgeous bundle of joy has been born. But you’re still carrying around the baby weight (and sometimes even asked “When are you due?” Time to burn off the fat and tone up those jiggly parts- safely and effectively without letting your infant out of your sight… by working out in bed!