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Workout While Getting Ready to Go Out


You wake up in the a.m. determined to get a good workout in! Your head is clear, your energy is high and you even set out your brand spanking new running shoes next to the door so that you have no excuse… Then, just really quickly, you check your email. Ok, you’ll just respond to [...]




Fun & Fab Bachelorette Party Alternatives

When we hear the term “bachelorette party,” what often comes to mind? -Loud club music -Penis-shaped shot glasses -High-pitched screams of excitement -Uncomfortable heels…? Plus, let’s not forget about the hundreds of dollars that pour into renting the VIP section, bottle service, a limo, fancy dinner and that mounting bar tab. For some, the thought [...]



7 Easy Ways to Not Gain Weight this Holiday

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© Scott Karcich. Dreamstime.com

© Scott Karcich. Dreamstime.com

Fact: The average person eats almost 5,000 calories on Thanksgiving. That includes the 3000 calorie turkey feast, plus other meals and noshes throughout the day. That’s over 2 days worth of calories. Fact: Eating an excess of 3500 calories (that means 3500 calories more than what your body can burn) equals 1 pound of fat. [...]



Clothes I Hate... QuickieChick makes an appearance w/ Louise Roe


We all have clothes in our closet that just hang there, laughing at us, mocking us. Cue: our swap party! It’s simple: Keep, Trade, or Banish. This week Louise Roe helps ME- Laurel (QuickieChick) revamp those tricky pieces she loves, but never wears! Together they re-work an awkward designer dress with a killer heel and [...]