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De-Puffing Bites w/ Benefits Grocery List


Food isn’t just there for the purpose of filling and fattening you up. It can also help to burn fat, energize, calm, even reduce puffiness from too much alcohol, salt, “that time of the month,” or just basic water retention. Here are a few foods to help minimize the swell.



One Pot Grits and Eggs w/ Sriracha, Parmesan & Parsley

Grits! Apparently it’s the “emerging” breakfast trend. I remember eating the ground corn breakfast grain (which is also used to make Polenta) in Jr. High slathered with butter. Today… oatmeal & eggs style: cooked in ff milk with a poached egg, sriracha, a little bit of parmesan cheese, salt and white pepper topped with flat leaf parsley. It’s a perfect complete meal filled with healthy fiber, protein, and nutrients to keep me fuller longer without packing on the fat.



Oatmeal and Egg w/ Avocado & Parsley... Don't Knock it Till you Try it!: Quickie in the Kitchen

More than for the purpose of filling and fattening you up, what you put in your mouth has purpose. This is my fave Bites with Benefits breakfast recipe because it’s a complete, savory, warming, filling, protein, fiber, and nutrient rich well-rounded meal. It’s addictively good. Don’t knock it till you try it!