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4 Surprising Side Effects Of Eating Fast Food

You may have seen the movie SuperSize Me. What was the moral of the story? Fast food is bad! Well, actually it tastes really good, but it’s bad for you. And those two things are linked. We saw Morgan Spurlock complain of headaches and even mood changes along with his growing craving for any food item that began with “Mc.” But the film doesn’t go too into detail about Spurlock complaints aside from weight gain and cholesterol. However his moans of woah were not just incidental. Many of the symptoms Spurlock experienced have since been proven to be actual effects of eating fast food. Here are four surprising ones:



Women's Fertility

Many women are concerned with what to eat during pregnancy, but what you put in your body before pregnancy is crucial to getting that belly to bulge in the first place. If your bed-frame is starting to crack and you’ve exhausted every position in the Kamasutra book, there may be a few adjustments to the pre-coital meal you could be making to boost fertility.