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Should You Fake It?


Your styles clash- He’s a jack hammer and clearly believes that faster = better. You prefer slow and deep. You are almost raw, desert dry, and totally over it. You’re thinking “can you just hurry up and finish?!” …It’s simply not going to happen. You: A. Fake It and give the guy a break B. [...]



Forget Faking It. 4 Ways to Make Sex More Orgasmic


It’s time to take responsibility. The fact that you aren’t “getting there” isn’t necessarily his fault. Sure, he may be trying a certain technique on you that worked on someone else… and it doesn’t work on you. We are each built slightly differently, we have different experiences and different preferences. Styles don’t always mesh up. [...]



Couples That Exercise Together, Have Better Sex Together

Most everybody does it. To some it’s a daily occurrence, others weekly, while many maintain a mere monthly practice of it (maybe…). Some prefer it slow and controlled, placing focus on each movement in order to go deeper into the muscle. Others like it fast, powering through it until their muscles quiver and beads of [...]