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Adopt a Dog, Pick up the Poop, and Feed Organic Food... Greening your Pet


Going green isn’t just about eating organic food, choosing a reusable bag at the grocery store, and recycling your water bottles. Sometimes it’s the littlest daily green decisions that can have the biggest, most lasting impact. I’m all about making lots of little green decisions, even when it comes to my dog. Here are some Quickie tips to green your pet.



The Real Reason You're Gaining Weight

I’ve warned against “diet” anything already. Diet soda. “Diet” snack packs. Even fake sweetener. Why? The underlying reason is that when you see the word “diet” (as well as other health “indicators” such as organic, natural or low-fat) your brain says “go ahead, eat a little more! It’s diet after all.” Recent research has highlighted some information that could just confirm my dissuasion against diet foods



Frozen Foods That Actually Taste Good AND Are Good For You

I’ve been eating frozen meals morning, noon and night (okay, I cheated a few times) for weeks to find out which of these time-saving wonder boxes are actually tasty AND healthy. Here are the best of the best: