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I’m Going Shopping... for a Man! R U Coming?


Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be so depressing as a single girl. Especially not this year. Because this year you have something to look forward to! There’s a new dating website called Checkhimout.com that allows women to take control when it comes to finding her guy. No more wading through creepster emails or waiting for your [...]



Heart Broken? Get Over Him Faster... By Acting Like Him!


Whether the relationship was good or bad, chicks still tend to be seriously bummed about it when it’s over and we have a really hard time getting over it. EVEN if the relationship was honestly awful, we still struggle to stop thinking about him, oddly “forgetting” all of the bad stuff and just remembering the [...]



Things Women do that Drive Men Crazy... & My Response...


CBS KRLD Dallas/Fort Worth with host David Rancken had me on the show to talk about the Battle of the Sexes! “A new survey by dating site e-Harmony, found 10 things that women do that drive men crazy. To get some reaction to some of them, we bring in our lifestyle expert, Laurel House.” Tops [...]



What Nora Ephron Taught Us About Dating...

contributed by Bess Devenow- “Counterculture” Expert 1) Online dating is going to radically change the playing field within the next decade (as popularized in 1998′s You’ve Got Mail) 2) If someone as neurotic as Sally Albright can find true love, there’s a man out there that appreciates your strangest quirks (When Harry Met Sally) 3) [...]