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How the Bachelorette (and you too) Can Date Multiple Men at Once

Now, to clarify: this is not about juggling, screwing, messing with, or being careless with multiple minds and hearts. This is about actually finding Mr Right (or at least Mr Right now). Not that ABC’s “The Bachelorette” is what you should fashion your dating life after, especially considering the fact that few made-for-tv relationships end [...]




5 Moves to get your body Wedding Dress Ready NOW!

You’re about to walk down the flower, friend, family, and photographer-lined aisle, cementing your love to your soon-to-be, legally. But oddly, that’s not what you’ve been stressing about for the last 3 months. Looking good in your dress for the big day, and even more importantly- for forever (thanks to the all-important occasion documenting photographers) has been the dominant fear factor. Though you have committed lots of hours to it, stressing is actually not going to help you look better in your dress… Exercise will.



7 Ways Women Can Be Healthy For Men

78 percent of married men, or those in a serious relationship, say that that their significant other is a big influence in their decision to go to the doctor. Here are some ways to motivate your man to look out for his health more, without feeling like a total nag: