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Relationship Rescue: Oral Sex, Lingerie & Waxing... Put Some Effort Into It!


Sure he says he loves you even without makeup on, and that’s sweet, but that doesn’t mean you have permission to now only wear makeup when you get gussied up to go out with the girls! Remember at the beginning of your relationship as you were shaving your legs and perfectly coiffing your pubs thinking [...]



Lingerie and Confidence... How to Stop Your Guy from Cheating

 He used to find you sexy. You’re sure of it. Aside from his normal guy wandering eye tendency, you were the only one for him. And you knew it. Every time you got undressed, even if you weren’t wearing the sexiest underwear (though you generally made an attempt), he couldn’t help but stare, his lips [...]



What Women (surprisingly) Really Want & Don’t Want on Valentine’s Day

Forget the flower shop, and you can even skip the candy store. This Valentine’s Day, stop at the electronics store if you really want to make your girl swoon. No, this is not a joke. Guys love their power tools, and women love them too! But instead of the biggest, fastest, and showiest, we want [...]



The Best Bras for the Trickiest Tops

Too many times have I sat there, ten minutes before a date, realizing I really need some of that skin-colored sticky nipple tape if I ever want my date to actually look me in the eyes. So, for future reference, here are the best types of bras to wear with the trickiest tops.