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From the Lifestyle Expert LAUREL HOUSE With over 7 million views on YouTube, there clearly is something about lifestyle expert Laurel House’s Quickies and Cheats tips.From “QuickieWorkouts in Bed” to “Bites with Benefits” recipes, “Been there, Done that” Dating tips to “Refrigerator Facial” at-home spa’ing tips, Laurel is your experienced big sister, no-holds-barred best friend, [...]



MEET YOUR QuickieChicks: Trying to Get Work Done with Julia...

Laurel is inherently serious when it comes to work… Julia isn’t quite there yet. We travel the world together. Here are some of our adventures. And believe me (this is Laurel speaking) with Julia around there is ALWAYS an adventure. I hope you enjoy these as much as she does (and I secretly do too)…



Quickie Me, Quickie You...

This is who I am… Who are YOU?
Quickie Me: Who I am (in 3 words) & Favorite Things….

Quickie Me: Writer, Genuine, Dilly

Favorite Things…
-Condiment: Sriracha
-Workout: Long Walk/Hike with my pup
-Quickie Workout in Bed:
-Daily 100:
-Quickie in the Kitchen:
-Quickie in the Kitchen- Dessert: