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Sexy Abs Daily100: Standing Bicycle Crunches


Want sexy abs without doing sit-ups? As a slight germaphobe myself, getting on the ground (especially at a hotel or a public place) and crunching is just not even worth it… regardless of how fab my abs will be after! Instead, get up and get those stomach muscles moving. By going across your body- bicycle [...]



BBQ'ing this Weekend? Eat THESE Bites with Benefits Recipes


Food isn’t just for the purpose of filling and fattening you up. Every ingredient has a benefit. I call them Bites with Benefits. Here are a few of my faves when it comes to a BBQ! Tomato, Basil, Onion Salad (no cheese) Ingredients: Tomatoes- cut, sliced, chunked… however you like to feel it in your [...]





Paper Perfect isn’t Enough... Screw the List! (another "Screwing of the Rules")


When it comes to finding “Mr. Right,” I used to believe in lists. After each relationship, I would add to my “Musts” and “Won’t Stands” based on experiences had and realizations made. Seems the whole list thing is pretty common. The idea is that if you make a detailed, honest list of exactly what you [...]