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To Clarisonic Or Not To Clarisonic

contributed by Style Expert- Julia Blythe In college, my standard skin regimen consisted of cleanser, toner, exfoliator (a few times a week), and moisturizer with spf. Then I turned 20-something and realized that my eyes were being taken over by a web of lines and so eye cream was added to the mix. This generally [...]



Spring Time is Party Time

contributed by Style Expert- Julia Blythe There are endless excuses to invite people over for a party. Whether it’s a birthday, you have a great new roommate, it’s premiere night of your favorite TV show, or you’re happy it’s spring… start making your guest list and editing your playlist because you’re having a party! Us [...]



MEET YOUR QuickieChicks: Trying to Get Work Done with Julia...

Laurel is inherently serious when it comes to work… Julia isn’t quite there yet. We travel the world together. Here are some of our adventures. And believe me (this is Laurel speaking) with Julia around there is ALWAYS an adventure. I hope you enjoy these as much as she does (and I secretly do too)…