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This Video Could SAVE Your MARRIAGE. Seriously.


It’s surprisingly very easy and common to stop putting effort into a marriage. First you stop holding hands, then you stop complementing each other, then you start pointing out annoying flaws, and it snowballs out of control… “16 Ways I Blew my Marriage“ is a post written by Single Dad Laughing. I read it, teared [...]



Relationship Rescue: Oral Sex, Lingerie & Waxing... Put Some Effort Into It!


Sure he says he loves you even without makeup on, and that’s sweet, but that doesn’t mean you have permission to now only wear makeup when you get gussied up to go out with the girls! Remember at the beginning of your relationship as you were shaving your legs and perfectly coiffing your pubs thinking [...]




Should You Ultimatum Your Man?

“You have 1 year from today to propose.” “My little sister’s wedding is in 4 months. If you don’t propose before then, I’m leaving.” “If you don’t knock me up within 9 months, it’s over.” Give a guy an ultimatum and his instinct may be to run for the hills before you can! Men are [...]