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Breaking Up: When It's Time To End It For Good...


“Say something, I’m giving up on you”…can you feel the desperation for something, anything in the lyrics of the song by A Great Big World? How torn that statement is — asking for something but knowing that there isn’t anything left to get? ”I’m sorry I couldn’t get through to you” …Even if you’re saying the exact [...]





Have you ever had a broken heart? Have you ever felt that ache, that pain, that confusion and emptiness that makes you feel… purposeless, pathetic, lost? Me too. Most of us have. I can help you heal, become stronger, and move on. Because you are important to me and I believe that every woman deserves [...]




Spring Clean Your Personal Life


Time for some serious Spring Cleaning! But before focusing on your wardrobe and desk, purge what’s really cluttering up your personal space: people! SPRING CLEAN YOUR LOVE LIFE This spring cleaning starts with the birds and the bees (you can get to your outdated jeans later). It’s time to clear out old flames and residual [...]



Heart Broken? Get Over Him Faster... By Acting Like Him!


Whether the relationship was good or bad, chicks still tend to be seriously bummed about it when it’s over and we have a really hard time getting over it. EVEN if the relationship was honestly awful, we still struggle to stop thinking about him, oddly “forgetting” all of the bad stuff and just remembering the [...]