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5 Exercises That Are Wasting Your Time

Chances are you’re wasting your time and energy doing exercises that aren’t working out. Why? Between “fast-fix” gadgets and “no pain, strength gained” gimmicks, it’s easy to fall prey to the many “magic bullet” fitness tricks playing into our deep insecurities and desires to finally shake the weight and get healthy once and for all. Before you waste another minute, dollar, or ounce of energy, know that the best way to obtain your fit goal is the old fashioned way: cardio, resistance, diet, dedication… repeat, repeat, repeat day in and day out. From running to swimming, even speed walking to dancing, the only real “trick” is to get your heart rate up for a sustained period of time (to help burn off the fat), engage different muscle groups (to tone and fire up your metabolism), and eat a healthy balanced diet (for sustained energy and fuel). Beyond those basics, here are 5 exercises NOT to be fooled by that aren’t just a waste of time and energy, but can also cause injury: