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A Makeover With Food

You’ve certainly heard of foods that help beautify you before. But oftentimes, they can be foods that are hard to incorporate into your daily diet, like some tropical fruit your store only carries once a year, or even a multi-vegetable powder that you constantly forget to mix in with your morning smoothie. But here are some simple, beautifying foods you can find year-round, at just about any grocery store, or even the slightly sophisticated gas station market.




7 Ways to Make Waxing Less Painful

Just because it’s no longer bikini season doesn’t mean you can neglect a certain bikini-hidden spot. Time to coif chickadees!
I’m not even about to attempt to tell you that a day at the spa, ripping at deeply seeded, stalwartly resistant hairs from the delicate netherland is relaxing. It’s not. Let’s just face that fact. So what’s a girl in desperate need of a last-minute mowing to do? Of course, you could always slip into one of the many mani/pedi places that offer waxing as an adjunct service for half the price. But seriously, the last thing you want is dirty fingers or tools touching your bikini region! Sure, you may leave with less hair for less money in a snap, but just wait a few hours until the red in-grown bumps sprout up… or worse! Not worth it! So you may need to spend a tad bit more money to get it done right, but since it is a necessity, we may as well make the experience as pleasant as possible by making it as clean and “green” as possible. The eco world has come out with some pretty great alternatives to the traditional wax experience like infusing soothing gemstones into the mix, or substituting old-school wax is stuff like soy.