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5-Minute Full Makeup!


Forget 1 hour makeup application ladies! This is actually how I put on my makeup almost everyday. FYI: I have zero makeup on at the beginning AND in the photo… My daily regimen consists of: VITAMINS Murad Firm and Tone Dietary Supplement Packs •Multivitamin promotes healthy skin function •Connective Support Complex encourages a smoother appearance [...]



Budget meets Luxe = the perfect date (or girls' night) outfit!

Last night it was chilly but not frigid in LA and somehow the lack of drizzle and needlessness for a coat inspired me! Despite that fact that I have been a touch of a hermit lately due to feeling totally behind with work (I think thanks to the fact that my book just hit Amazon [...]



Stiletto Quickie in the Bathroom... Workout While Getting Ready to Go Out


I’m not saying that I workout every time I get ready to go out. However, if I haven’t had time to workout much, I know that I am going to have a serious gorge-fest, or I just want to highlight a few key spots (like arms, calves, chest), I do- yes, a few moves while getting ready to go out. This is my Quickie Workout while getting ready to go out that I happened to have done at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills (a fab hotel- obviously).