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Sriracha Oatmeal & Egg: Hot and Spicy Quickie in the Kitchen

Good morning! I literally just rolled out of bed and I’m making breakfast… thought I would invite you into my kitchen to join me. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. In fact, I often look forward to it the night before! Especially if I’m eating Quaker Oatmeal and Egg. Now I’ve gone beyond the basics and I’ve added Sriracha and Parmesan cheese (a lower fat cheese, like all hard dry cheeses) which just enrich the flavor even more! “But oatmeal is supposed to be sweet…” Really? Who says? It’s a grain, just like pasta, rice and risotto. You’re not putting maple syrup and brown sugar on pasta. I love savory breakfast (bacon and eggs with a side of grits), and so I’m treating my oatmeal like what it is- a grain, and making the perfect complete meal filled with healthy fiber, protein, and nutrients to keep me fuller longer without packing on the fat.