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Dating? Be a Standout Without Being Obnoxious or Needy (even if "your"Guy is THE BACHELOR)


The DO’s and DON’Ts to stay in his mind (even if he’s “The Bachelor” and dating 25 other girls): DON’T: Complain About the “Other Girls“- Kiss Of Death. DON’T: Complain about being exclusive. DON’T: Complain About The Date Choice. Be Open to adventure and trying something different.DON’T: Be Passive-Aggressive. DO: If You Have an Issue, [...]



Introducing: The Pick Up Artist... Guys- Listen Up!

When I met Kezia Noble I thought: “Great (and not in the good sense of the word)! This chick is smoking hot, oozing sex appeal, the ultimate seductress… she’s what every guy wants. And now I have to spend a week with her!” (we are… working together on something…). (yeah, that hot) She didn’t smile [...]