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Quickie in the Snow: Schlepping Wood in Finland

Think schlepping and stacking wood is a man’s job? Think again. It’s a great workout that you should do too! I did it in Finland under the direction (and camera assistance) of Stefan Richter. Burned calories, sweat, and toned my arms. Sometimes you’ve got to tweak your attitude and, instead of thinking how much it sucks to have to schlep that wood, consider it an amazing workout!



Quickie in the Kitchen: Egg Butter on Rice Bread

This egg butter is insanely easy to make (basically just room temp butter, chopped hard-boiled egg, salt, white pepper), and it adds so much flavor while making the butter much lower in fat. It’s a tasty topping for pretty much anything. Ooh, you have got to try it on grilled asparagus too! So tasty…