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Facial Oil vs Facial Cream: What's the Difference?

Thousands of products have been designed to fight “oily” skin. So the second you see a tiny shiny spot on your face, you think “oh no. I have the oily skin condition?!” And you grab those little oil wipes and dab away until your skin is powder dry.
But newsflash: your skin needs a certain amount of oil.



6 Misunderstandings about Make Up

Some of us just resort to the same makeup tricks we’ve been using for years, or we try to copy something we see in a magazine or on TV, thinking we’ve figured out what that celeb did to get that look. But it’s time to know the truth about common make up misunderstandings, so you don’t end up looking back at pictures when you are a grandparent and saying “what was I thinking wearing inch-thick rings of eye liner?!”