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Dating Coach Confession: I Have Been Proposed to 9 Times (and I made many mistakes)

I have been proposed to 9 times (one of them quite seriously on the first date and several others within a few weeks). But I wasn’t in love with most of them. I have also been married twice and engaged a 3rd time. I didn’t manipulate, lie to, use, or lead on any of them. [...]




After This You’ll be 8-Steps Closer to Being the “Marrying Kind”


What makes you the marrying kind? What compels a man to choose you over everyone else, to kneel down at your feet on one knee and ask you to be his wife? Being the “Marrying Kind” is a complex dance, a balancing act, a study of opposites. Still, there are 8 main elements that make [...]



Fun & Fab Bachelorette Party Alternatives

When we hear the term “bachelorette party,” what often comes to mind? -Loud club music -Penis-shaped shot glasses -High-pitched screams of excitement -Uncomfortable heels…? Plus, let’s not forget about the hundreds of dollars that pour into renting the VIP section, bottle service, a limo, fancy dinner and that mounting bar tab. For some, the thought [...]