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5 Ways Stress Makes You Fat

Being overweight can stress you out. The cruel irony is that being stressed can make you fat. And the last thing you need when you already feel like your work, your relationship—anything—is falling apart, is to also feel you’ve lost control over your weight. While the best thing to do is beat the unwanted pounds at the source—namely, the thing that is causing you stress—being aware of how stress causes you to gain weight might also help in the battle to burn those emotional calories. If you can recognize that you are not actually hungry, but just stressed, that might keep you from reaching for any unnecessary foods.



Stop Being So Angry! Quickie Workout in Bed

What’s the point of your workout? Many of us use exercise as an outlet to workout. And the great thing is- it works! If you are steaming to the point of boiling over, move your body to get some of the tension out. Not in the mood to go on a run or trek to the gym? Workout in bed. The point is to get in a cardio workout that releases endorphins in your brain and gets some fresh oxygen circulating. Feel better?