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5 Ego-Boosting Exercises to You Look & Feel Gorgeous… Naturally!

Feeling a little ego-deflated? Pressure to be “perfect” and images of hyper-skinny chicks swathing the covers of magazines can be instant self-esteem depleters. And while intense sweat sessions might be a sure fire way to lose some weight, if you’re hating every second of the process as you punish your body during uber-intense daily workouts, then order the salad at dinner as you drool over the steak, fries, and a chocolate chip cookie the next table over… what’s the point?



CONFIDENCE is the BEST Accessory

The slimming power of confidence is amazing. Walk into a room like you own it. You can be as poised as you pretend to be. Confidence is the most important accessory you can adorn with. Without it, you can be wearing the most beautiful gown, and have a great hair day, but still not be the best version of yourself. Don’t leave home without it!