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Fat-Burning Skinny Herbaceous Cocktails!


“Sex and the City” popularized the Cosmo. Bethenny Frankel brought the Skinnygirl Margarita. Now it’s all about Herbal Cocktails.
But don’t just pour some vodka and float a leaf on the top. Here are four ways to easily add spice, each with a slightly different effect:



In case you need an excuse to drink... Drinks w/ Benefits

First, you’ve got to be of legal drinking age to drink. Second, I’m certainly not saying that these are healthy. I’m just saying that if you are planning on drinking anyway, here are some drink options that you can feel better about… I am Queen Bee when it comes to rationalizing anything ok… which isn’t [...]



Hangover Prevention: Quickie in the Kitchen (video)

Don’t let that one-too-many leave you in less than festive spirits the day after. Use food- like Asparagus- to help your liver better break down the alcohol, getting it out of your system faster and without the residual throbbing head.



Hangover Prevention (shopping list)

It’s the end of the week and all you want to do is, let’s face it, knock back a few too many drinks with your friends. You’ve been counting calories and cocktails all week and you just don’t want to keep track anymore. I get it. But that nasty hangover that comes the next day can feel like punishment for just wanting to let loose! Here are a few tips on how you can have your cocktail, and drink it too (if I can be so bold as to make that an expression).