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Lingerie and Confidence... How to Stop Your Guy from Cheating

 He used to find you sexy. You’re sure of it. Aside from his normal guy wandering eye tendency, you were the only one for him. And you knew it. Every time you got undressed, even if you weren’t wearing the sexiest underwear (though you generally made an attempt), he couldn’t help but stare, his lips [...]




Look Sexy Naked: Quickie Workout in Bed

It’s not just about how you look or having a “perfect” body, it’s about how you feel… your confidence. Looking sexy naked is also about feeling sexy naked. If you want to improve both, workout!… in bed. Try this quickie workout in bed by yourself, to tone the soft spots that are most highlighted when having fun with with another in bed.



CONFIDENCE is the BEST Accessory

The slimming power of confidence is amazing. Walk into a room like you own it. You can be as poised as you pretend to be. Confidence is the most important accessory you can adorn with. Without it, you can be wearing the most beautiful gown, and have a great hair day, but still not be the best version of yourself. Don’t leave home without it!




Men love power tools. Well, so do we. Ours are just a little different… According to Feng Shui belief, wearing something red can up your “wow” factor, arouse self-confidence, energetically emit power and attract luck. Bu you can’t always wear a red outfit, or even a red accessory. So… wear red underwear. But, more than for reasons of practicality or even for the purpose of feng shui, wearing seriously sexy fire-engine panties under your basic black suit is like your little secret that takes your confidence to a whole new level.